Handwashing Day is coming soon

National Handwashing Day is October 15th and The WATERED is striving to raise awareness and spread the word of the important work we are doing. 2020 and the Covid 19 pandemic have made us realize just how important it is to wash our hand frequently and well but its not always as simple as turning on a tap. As many as 17,500 households on the Navajo Nation in the heart of the American Southwest do not have the ease of indoor plumbing. Every time you wash your hands after cracking an egg or changing a diaper you are exercising a privilege that not all Americans have access to. The WATERED continues to raise funds and prepare complete handwashing stations for those in need. We need your help! We are gathering donations and we are so excited that you are reading this and hope you will support us with any amount you are able to give. 5$’s buys hand soap 10$’s buys a grey water bucket 110$’s buys a portable sink unit 150$’s buys a complete handwashing station. We are seeking grants and underwriters to cover our over head, administrative, and delivery costs so that individual donations can be used to acquire the essential components of each handwashing station. If you aren’t in a position to donate money you can still help by spreading the word. Does your place of employment support local charitable efforts? Do you have a connection with a social media influencer who might spread the word? Please consider your connections and share The WATERED and our mission with your network. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your generosity!

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